The Alusky dog breed is a hybrid dog breeds and is a cross between the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky. He is an amazing medium to large dog. If he gets proper training, he will do well with kids as the part of a family. He has got a great of energy but he requires exercise regularly and needs a firm and dominating owner when it gets to training. He is smartly intelligent, affectionate and loyal and makes an awesome pet that everyone would adore.

alusky dog

The life expectancy of Alusky is between 10 to 15 years. The breed is a cross between the Siberian husky and the Alaskan malamute. The Alusky dog breed possesses a mix of stamina and endurance of his parents. He has got an appearance like wolf and suits well to the cooler climate.

The Alaskan Malamute is a large, intelligent and energetic and one of the oldest dogs. This breed requires firmly strong leadership and likes challenges to avoid becoming bored. He stays good in cold weather unlike hot weather and was initially created to pull sledges and to hunt polar bears and seal. He has a sound nature and pretty good in a family with socialization and training.

The Siberian Husky dog breed does possess beautiful blue eyes and he is a medium breed in size and belongs to Siberia. This breed is intelligent and athletic, when he is training, requires a firm hand too because he can be problematic. He does really well in cold weather and is able to bear hotter weather. He is great with a family and children and also good with other dogs and pets if he gets early socialization. The breed enjoys playing and requires a plenty of exercises and does really well as a working dog.


Alusky Dog Temperament

The Alusky dog breed is well-known as fairly loyal and loving to his owner. He remains quiet but still easy-going and friendly to all people including strangers. That’s why he isn’t phenomenal as a watch or guard dog. When the breed has got some basic training and socialization, he is good with kids and other animals. You must start socialization at an early age. He is fairly eager to amuse his owner but has pretty long memories that mean you always require dealing with him positively. But firm manner as a harsh tone doesn’t work for him and he will not forget it.

He doesn’t do well when remains home alone for too long because he is a social creature. The boredom may guide to poor behavior like chewing and digging and other devastating acts. He has an obstinate element as well that means training requires handling firmly. But he is capable because of his smartness.


Alusky Dog Appearance

You can find Alusky in common colors such as brown, cream, red, golden, light brown, silver, grey, salt and pepper and white. He has got a compact and strong body which is longer than it is tall. The Alusky dog breed may lean more towards one or the other parent breed in appearance like Husky’s famous blue eyes. His eyes are in an almond shape and deep set with large erect ears. The breed’s muzzle is narrow and long. He has got strong legs and a coat that is double and dense as well as thick. His weight is about between 60 to 100 pounds and height is up to 28 inches.


Alusky Dog Training and Exercise

The Alusky looks pretty much like his parents. This is the reason why the breed requires a plenty of exercises as he has great energy. He will do well with an owner who also loves to remain active as he would enjoy running with his owner. When you go for a bike ride or a jog and also able to do other things such as pulling weights, sledging, racing, carting and so on. You may play games with him and take him to the dog park, you will find great endurance, agility and stamina in him very soon. One thing you must know about both of his parents that they are wanderers and diggers so the Alusky can also adopt that characteristic.

The breed requires mental stimulation along with a daily long walk, a shorter brisk and play-time. He is a quite smart dog so requires remaining mentally and physically active to prevent him getting into boredom. The Alusky will do well in cool or colder weather. If you live in a climate which is warmer or it is the month of summer, stay careful when exercising with your breed.

He is smartly intelligent and likes to please that should make training easier. But he is obstinate and really requires a firm owner. Your breed must be aware of you are the pack leader, not he. You require staying positive, patient and consistent as well. The Alusky doesn’t respond well to harshness. You must try the approach which he will remember it. Early training and socialization are absolutely crucial to ensure he responds to your commands so that he can interact with the people around him in a safe manner.


Spending Life with an Alusky

The Alusky has got requirements of average grooming to keep him in a good shape. During the seasons of shedding, it’s a good idea to brush him with a strong bristle brush on daily basis to avoid hair in all over the place in the home. Other seasons of the year you can brush him less often, his coat is difficult to look after but it’s not hypoallergenic so the breed isn’t good for households with allergies. His coat can remain warm outside even in cold weather but not good in fairly hot weather. Other requirements of grooming include bathing when he becomes untidy and cleaning his ears on a regular basis with a damp cloth to avoid ear infections.

The dog breed will need 4 to 5 cups of the high quality of dry food every day divided into two meals. Make sure he gets the proper nutrition he requires remaining healthy. If he doesn’t get sufficient exercise, he might get a little overweight just because he is a large dog so keep him busy with activities.

Never anticipate this breed to alert you or your family if anyone visits. He is not a barking dog and as a social he likes strangers. He will be affectionate and loyal to the family members and with socialization, he can tackle even small kids. The breed can knock them over accidentally so keep supervising them. He enjoys bustle and noise of the children.


The Alusky Dog Breed Health Issues

There aren’t any major issues of health as far as Alusky’s health is concerned. The breed can be vulnerable to hip dysplasia, eye problems, ear infections and hearing problems.