American Bandogge MastiffThe American Bandogge Mastiff breed is a hybrid of the Neapolitan Mastiff and the American Bit Bull Terrier. He is unlike other hybrids that have recently made his appearance known as a designer hybrid. This is one of the mix breed dogs that has been around for a while now. The Bandogge breed is an intelligent and confident dog that will remain as a dedicated protector of his family. He requires an owner who knows how to deal with and interact with dogs, with experience and knows how to develop dominance.


This is the reason why he doesn’t suit the first timer owner. He does have a dog fighting history and is still bred for that purpose in some areas on the east coast, but thankfully elsewhere he is developed for more reasons that are positive. The giant short haired dog is with a lifespan of 10 to 11 years. This mix breed dog isn’t like many of the new types there is literally some types of the origin story.

Swinford who was a veterinarian began to breed dogs in the 1960s to create the breed that would be the best dog for guarding. While the experts still don’t agree with what dog was initially developed in that scheme most of the people believe it was the American Pit Bull Terrier with the big Molosser. The most common method of breeding to get a Bandogge is to cross the Neapolitan Mastiff with the American Pit Bull Terrier. The English Mastiff with the American Pit Bull Terrier is another method.


American Pit Bull Terrier

Some breeders have got the benefits of the dog standards in strength, persistence and swiftness to create dog breeds to fight. However, more attentive breeders breed American Pit Bull Terrier that is loyal to his family and well-known to remain gentle and phenomenal with kids. He is smartly intelligent and requires training and socialization. Otherwise, he may become obstinate and has the belief he is in charge.


Neapolitan Mastiff

He is a giant dog breed and belongs to Italy that got creation as a large defender of a family. Today, the breed is still pretty much a protector rather than an attacking dog. The breed is stable and even when he is most relaxed but always remains alert and watchful of his surroundings. He stays affectionately loving to his family members but unfriendly with others. His size and strong will demand socialization and training which require starting early otherwise he can be out of control.


American Bandogge Mastiff Temperament

The American Bandogge Mastiff dog breed has got pretty much protective drives his two sires bring to him. He enjoys being the part of a family and he is a dedicated protector. The breed loves attention and lives to amuse the leader of his pack. He is loyal and intelligent but may be obstinate so he requires a firm owner. He has got often a good nature and if he is treated with respect, he may become obedient, playful and courageous.


American Bandogge Mastiff Appearance

Look depends on which parent dog this breed leans more towards. In general, he has 70 to 120 pounds weight and he is fairly large about 19 to 30 inches tall. The breed is really powerful and you can find his strength in his body with a strong chest and wide shoulders. He has a consistent, compact and well-proportioned body. His muscular coat is medium fine, close and short and you can find it in different colors like grey, black, golden fawn, yellow, red, sandy, fawn and brindle. He has got a strong jaw and his ears hanging down that range from small to large and his head is in a boxy shape. His nose is often black and his are also commonly dark but may vary according to the color of the coat. The breed’s tail is tapered and long.


American Bandogge Mastiff Training and Exercise

He is a giant breed and he requires plenty of exercises but he isn’t the most active dog. He is categorized in farm work, great sports, guardian and hunting. The breed requires physical exercise and mental stimulation. To keep him happy and healthy, provide him with about your 45 minutes in a day and avoid his devastating behavior from a lack of activity. A large fenced yard is a nice way to get him out a little bit more. The breed is usually utilized as a working dog including military work, weight pulling, guarding, police work, hunting and tracking.

The breed is an excellent dog to train. He is not pretty quicker or easier than other intelligent dogs but at almost the same level. If the breed doesn’t regard you more dominant than him, he may neglect you. If an experienced owner provides him with good training, you will possess an alert dog ready and eager to obey and please you. It is fairly crucial to begin training at a young age just because of his size. Without training, an American Bandogge Mastiff may become aggressive or destructive.


American Bandogge Mastiff Care and Grooming

The breed requires low to moderate grooming. He does shed and so requires brushing on regular basis with a brush that has firm bristle, a rubber brush or a dog glove. Rub his with a cloth after a brush if you desire to give his coat an attractive shine. He has short hair and easy to brush and this will assist to remove hair fall. Wipe his ears with a damp cloth once a week and check and clip his toenails and bathe him when he requires. You ought to check his eyes as well on a regular basis.


Bandogge Mastiff with children other pets or other pets

If the breed grows up with other pets in the home, he will know how to get on with them. Also if he goes through socialization at puppy-hood, it will assist him a lot to improve his interactions with other animals. He also does well with the kids. When he grows up properly, you can trust him completely with the children and can even become a babysitter or a phenomenal protector. He is calm and cool with them and also is full of spirit, will join them playing. He is a bit different from other dogs.


American Bandogge Mastiff Health issues

The breed is vulnerable to minor health issues like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and eye problems. His deep chest and his size show he may develop bloat in a fairly serious condition.