Bull peiThe Bull pei is one of the mixed breed dogs. His parents are the Chinese Shar-Pei and the English Bulldog. You can find him in a medium to large size with a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. He takes part in guarding and obedience and is an affectionate and a defensive dog. The Bull pei dog breed is just one of many so-called Designer dogs.


This dog is bred normally used two purebred dogs. Some dogs are named which blend the names of parent together. Designer dogs have become a pretty famous trend these days. The public and the celebrities seem to adore them but they are bringing about a divide in opinion. There are many people who don’t have any interest in them, mainly because they have attracted many bad breeders and puppy mills. If every one of us does work harder to avoid purchasing from such breeders, they will go out of business.

Whatever the designer dog you want to adopt, you have to keep in mind that despite what few breeders may advise, we don’t find any guarantees with these dogs of the first generation. There can be any combination of personalities and personalities that come from the parent breeds, even the same litter can change by many.


The Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei dog breed belongs to Southern China where he was created to guard, fight, hunt and herd. It is not sure how old the breed actually is. The dog breed is really an independent dog but also very defensive and dedicated. He is unfriendly to the people he doesn’t know but loves the people he knows. He enjoys spending his all-time with his owner quite calm. Unfortunately, once the breed utilized in dog fighting that’s why he can still have aggression towards other dogs at time so moderate training and socialization is essential.


The English Bulldog

The Bulldog is initially descended from mastiff dog established in Britain and is fairly an old dog. This dog was bred in the 1500s for bull baiting. The powerful Bulldog still has got stamina, strength and persistence but is also affectionate and gentle. He is lively and social and but sometimes bets obstinate. He gets along with every person but can turn out to be difficult to train as he is a slow learner.


Bull Pei Temperament

The Bull pei is a defensive, loving, affectionate dog. She is actively agile and curious, playful and at the time pretty obstinate. He also has got a gentle side but is alert, territorial and is not friendly with strangers until he gets to know them. The breed is smartly intelligent and loyal and can be a great dog for the family. He gets on with all people, particularly with early socialization. He loves to remain with his people and is pretty confident and quiet.


Bull Pei Appearance

You can find him in medium to large size and his weight is 35 to 60 pounds with a muscular and powerful body. He has got a thick neck, floppy ears and solid build. He can have wrinkles or smooth skin and his coat is uneven, straight and fine. You can also find him in common colors like brown, blue, black, white, chocolate and golden.


Bull Pei Training and Exercise

He is not a very much active dog. He doesn‘t require plenty of exercises to keep him healthy and happy. This breed is suits nicely to an apartment dwelling and for an owner who isn’t very active. He enjoys his time outside, medium to long walks plus plays time two times a day should be enough. He will enjoy visiting the dog park as well and also enjoy playing and sniffing around.

The Bull Pei dog breed is quite easy to train bust has obstinate side and that can come out more powerfully in some dog breeds. She is intelligent and can train at home pretty quickly. Use early training and socialization to make him the best for you. Be consistent, firm and patient with methods of your training. Training based on reward with a great deal of positivity and praise is more effective than scolding and punishment.


Bull Pei Care and Grooming

This dog requires average grooming to keep him looking good and healthy. He sheds moderately most of the year but that grows up twice a year during the time of shedding. You will need to vacuum a lot because hair will be on your furniture and clothing. Brush him on a daily basis when it gets bad and then a few times a week when it again eases up. Some owners elect to bathe him rather regularly during shedding time as well.

But make sure to utilize only a dog shampoo and when done, be sure he has been properly dried particularly in the wrinkles. Check his ears and wipe them with a cotton ball or a dog ear cleaning solution once a week. When his nails get too long, clip them or get a person who knows how can do it for you. Brush his teeth at least two to three times per week as well.


Bull Pei with children and other pets

He can become very good with kids through early training and socialization. He will be affectionate and loving with them and also play with them. The breed is also defensive and will act to keep the children safe. He can become great with other pets as well but with other dogs, he definitely needs socialization which really crucial.


Bull Pei in General

He can often bark and also snore sometimes so this is not a dog that you will forget. The breed should eat 2½ to 3 cups of a great quality of dry food every day divided into two meals. He isn’t good in cold weather as well as in hot weather. Make sure he doesn’t get too cold in the winter or overheat in the summer.


Bull Pei Health Issues

The breed can inherit some health from his parents such as:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cancer
  • Skin problems
  • Patellar luxation
  • Bloat
  • OCD
  • Eye problems
  • Swollen hock syndrome
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Reverse sneezing

Note: This health information is all about providing our visitors with a type of general knowledge. In order to be aware of any health issues or any diseases and conditions, do consult your veterinarian.