The English Shepherd dog is literally a herding dog that got creation in the US, not in England as the name shows. His name comes from the Collies that came from the UK. He has got lots of different names including the American Herder, American Shepherd, American Collie, Barnyard Collie, Cow Dog, Barnyard Shepherd, English Herder, Farm Collie, Farm Dog, Old Fashioned Shepherd, Farm Shepherd and Old Fashioned Collie. He has got a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. The breed is actually a versatile dog, from hunting to herding, tracking to search and rescue, and does well in various sports of canine. He is smartly intelligent, easy to get training as well as a great companion with a lot of affection and loyalty.

 english shepherd dog

English Shepherd Dog History

The English Shepherd dog tracks back to the beginning of the Collie breed in Britain. He was there for hundreds or possibly even thousands of years. He used to drive sheep mostly but also other livestock as well. Until we begin to have some written records which are mentioning him and his pictures in the 1600s, not much more is well-known about his past. They were a lot in the North of England, Wales and Scotland while this Collie was present in all over Britain. He was an essential part of duties of Shepherd moving them around for selling, grazing, and letting them stay together. As a poor Shepherd, he wouldn’t have kept dogs that weren’t necessary and didn’y have great skills.

In the early 1600s, the first endless settlement by the British in which is now Virginia occurred. Many settlers brought dogs with them along with Collie types to assist them with their herds. At that time, a journey like that was very difficult particularly on dogs and many would not have remained alive. This means, not many dogs arrived than the requirements. So the breeders of colonist had to breed different types of Collie together to build up numbers. The outcome was a mixed look particularly since they were likely crossed with other dog breeds as well. Then the new mixes had to adapt to a terrain, region, and climate that were a lot different from what the Collie had come from and survived different diseases and parasites. There were new dangerous predators as well to deal with like bears, wolves, mountain lions, lynx and bobcats.

This new American Collie over generations of breeding became stronger, larger. He is able to secure his family and livestock and more all-rounder.The American farmers not only used him for herding they utilized him hunting small games as well. The dog got creation according to his ability to work not looks so the latter he became more varied and that is still clear to see at present. The focus on ability meant that in dog shows. They were not common when that became famous in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The working dog breeders view the AKC with suspicion because the dog breed has not been fully recognized even though he is one of the oldest breeds of US. The UKC recognized it in 1927 though.

From the 1940s and 1950s, he was one of the most usual dog breeds in America owing to the great number of small farms. However, the family farms started to disappear rapidly in the 1960s. And the requirement for a versatile dog for farm disappeared with them. The huge operations of agricultural that replaced them had no desire for the dog and actually till the end of the 1970s. The English Shepherd was now a rare dog breed, possibly even close to dying out.


English Shepherd Dog Stayed Alive

The English Shepherd dog breed has been fortunate in that a small number of determined fanciers continued to breed the dog. Even when he was not famous or well-known. The United English Shepherd Association was established as a breed club and it has given very common guidelines on the dog’s look, with the focus still being on his ability to work. It means today there are many more variations in the looks of this purebred than most modern breeds. A lot of the English Shepherds are getting recovery, still a few on farms and some of sporting events of canine. He is getting more famous as a companion for an active family as well.


The English Shepherd Dog at Present

The English Shepherd dog is found in a medium to large size. His weight is from 40 to 60 pounds and at standing 18 to 23 inches tall. His appearances are literally extremely varied. So most of the following are generalizations but are not going to surely apply to all English Shepherds. When you have a look at him you will see his background of Collie clearly, but he is larger and more muscular looking. But he ought to be strong and athletic rather than stocky. He has got a deep chest and is just a little longer than he is. His tail is quite long with a slight curve and when he is relaxed, it is held low. Some of them are naturally born with bobbed tails.

His coat is often medium in length, straight or wavy and is soft and thick. But some of them may have longer coats and some shorter! The hair should be short, on the front of the legs too. The tail and the back of the legs may have feathering though. You can commonly find him in tan, black, white colors, sable and tri-colored as well. The muzzle is broad as his skull which is also flat and his head is in a round shape. The ears can have a variety of being upright to drooping or folded or a mix even. His eyes are often in a round shape and are a medium to dark brown shade.


English Shepherd Dog Temperament

The English Shepherd dog is a smartly intelligent dog. As a working breed, he is habitual of having authority to do the job rather independently. He can be obstinate and have his own mind so he is best for the owner who is well-experienced not for the first timer. The breed requires a strong leader in his owner and he can be a great bond when working together. He is active and energetic will require moderate training and socialization as well as enough stimulation and exercise. The dog breed is alertly vigilant and can be a responsible watchdog. He will bark to alert you of an intruder. The breed is territorial and brave so he may act to protect you.

The ES with the proper care is easy-going, but he can have strong instincts of protection. Some of them can be human aggressive when not socialized well. If he is dependable, he is devoted and loyal to his family. He is really loving and loyal and does not like to remain home alone for too long.


English Shepherd Dog Training

He is fairly intelligent but as mentioned he is independent and that means he has got the potential to get training in a variety of roles. He will require strong and dominant handling. The experienced owner may find him somewhat easy to deal with and the owner with lack of knowledge may find him a little problematic. Make sure you are stick to him and set the rules, be ready for when he tries to take charge but still you just need to be positive and patient. Start early socialization and training; introduce him to different places, people, situations, animals, and sounds so he can get to knows how to react to them.

English Shepherd dog breed was bred to do work for long hours. So not only he has got great energy but has got a lot of endurance as well. You must prepare yourself to spend at least one hour a day giving him physical exercise that includes some physical play with him and a couple of walks. He will become hyper, destructive, over excited and bark a great deal if he doesn’t get enough mental stimulation and exercise. If you do not want to keep him as a farm dog, he does really well as a sporting dog, he can join you for jogs, hikes and he also does well in roles like a therapy dog, rescue and search and so on.


English Shepherd Dog Care and Grooming

The ES has got a coat that lets him have great security against different types of weather. He should not require grooming from any professional. He does shed pretty heavily in most cases so be ready for a lot of hair in all over the place at home. Brush him two times a week at least to keep on top of the loose hair and to let him remain tangle free, but there ought not to be too many of those. Bathe him a shampoo for dogs but not too often, just when he is really dirty and requires it badly. Bathing too often can dry out his skin and bring about problems for skin.

Other regular grooming requirements include checking his ears for any signs of infection once a week. Letting him have a wipe clean on weekly basis utilizing either an ear cleanser or damp warm cloth and cotton ball. Never insert anything into his ear it can hurt and cause real damage. His teeth need brushing two to three times per week at least. When his nails get too long, you should trim them. You may do this yourself with proper nail clippers for the dog but take your time to research it or get a vet to tell you how. The nails of the dog have blood vessels and nerves in the lower section. If you cut them too far down, it can bring about bleeding and hurt your sweet dog.


English Shepherd Dog Feeding Time

English Shepherd will eat about 2¼ to 4¼ cups of a high-quality dry food of dog every day divided into two meals. The quantity can vary from one dog to another depending on his level of activity, metabolism, size, health and age. Also, make sure you provide him with fresh water.


English Shepherd Dog with children and other animals

With moderate training and socialization, the English Shepherd is nice with kids. He is protective, affectionate, and playful and some of them can even be gentle with children. He is also fairly good with other pets with moderate socialization and particularly if he grows up with them. Even pets like cats, he is good with other dogs as well.


English Shepherd Dog Health Concerns

He is a really healthy dog breed and he has got a lifespan of 12 to 15 years but he is not often found up to 16 or even 17 years old. Some problems that can be found with him that include:
• Joint dysplasia
• Patellar luxation
• Sensitivity to anesthesia
• Allergies
• Eye problems

If you find anything unusual in your dog regarding his health, do consult your veterinarian.


English Shepherd Dog Biting Statistics

When we look at the reports of dog that attack human and bringing about bodily harm over the last 35 years in Canada and US, there isn’t anything mentioned about the English Shepherd. Some of them can be human aggressive but if they don’t get proper socialization. All dog breeds of any type or size have got the potential to have a bad day. There is no dog in the world that is 100% safe. Give your dog moderate socialization and training and make sure he is fed well. Mentally stimulation, exercise and the attention he requires.