american bulldogThe American Bulldog is stocky and powerful, but also acrobatic and was developed for helping out with work on the farm by chasing down stray cattle. In fact, some of them are famous for jumping 6 feet into the air or more. American Bulldog is a loving and intelligent dog breed, which makes make awesome, safeguard for a family, though he requires great exercise and needs an active, experienced owner.


He can deviate in look, as there are multiple types, including also well-known as the Scott type, the Classic or Bully type, the Performance or Standard type, also called the Johnson type and hybrids of the two. The American Bulldog can become a loving companion for the family if he gets training with care and patience.


Important Stats

Dog Breed Group: Working Dogs

Height: 20 to 28 inches

Weight: 60 to 120 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 16 years


American Bulldog normally remains happy, a people-loving dog that does awesome in homes where he has a lot of space to move. A big yard with a fence is a must, especially for this active dog. Though the needs of exercise might deviate by particular breeding and type. As long as he has a lot of walks, he may be just fine with urban life and he can even become great running or jogging buddy. Anyhow, he does not like to remain alone for a long time. And he can feel himself as imprisoned in an apartment. He can become dangerous and bored if his mental and physical stimulation requirements are not fulfilled.

American Bulldog requires an owner who has enough experience and can be patient while training and begin socialization early. He gets on just fine with other pets and kids as long as he is provided with good training. But it is still crucial to supervise him as you would do with any dog. Whether you use him for farm work or hunting or just cuddling up with you. The American Bulldog dog breed is a superb, a competent watchdog, and a loyal companion.


Need to Know about American Bulldog

Although he was used for bull baiting in the past a long time ago, he has become one of the phenomenal companion dogs for family and working dog breeds for the farm.

The dog breed almost died out near the end of World War II. But since then the American Bulldog has been re-established and he is in no danger of going extinct.

There are various types of American Bulldogs in the present era, and though he used to be mostly white in color, now you can find him in a variety of colors and patterns.

His looks often get him unclear with the Dogo Argentino, which is a separate dog breed entirely. He may be unclear with American Pit Bull Terrier as well, though the American Bulldog breed has the tendency to be quite a little larger.

American Bulldog can be territorial and harsh to any strangers, which can make him a great watchdog. He needs training for socialization so he gets to know how to behave around guests who visit your home.


American Bulldog Personality

American Bulldog is intelligent, friendly, and loving. Though that affectionate nature usually guides him to be overly suspicious of strangers and territorial. This makes him lovely watchdog for family, even for a family with kids. But he will require training for socialization, particularly as puppies to get on with people who are unknown to him or with other dogs that stop by for a visit. Fortunately, his intelligence makes him greatly trainable and adaptable.

The American Bulldog has got playful nature and needs some great exercises and he does well in a family that has got the ability to remain active with a lot of play time and walks. He is not the right breed to keep in a small space and apartment that does not let him burn off energy. When you don’t stimulate him mentally or physically, he can become chew on things and be destructive.


American Bulldog History

The Old English Bulldog is the ancestor of the American Bulldog. Working-class immigrants brought him to North America who wanted to keep dogs to help work on the farms. Rather than becoming concerned with sustaining purity of dog breed or obvious genetic characteristics, early farmers bred this dog for all-around of work farm with the best qualities of working. His swiftness, loyalty, intelligence made him fairly helpful for hunting as well as driving cattle.

The muscular build with strong jaws of the American Bulldog was ideal for hunting wild pigs down. There is an unhappy part of the history of the American Bulldog too. He was initially used in the bull baiting’s barbaric sport.


American Bulldog Health

The American Bulldog is normally a healthy breed; some are prone to specific medical conditions like mange, cataracts, or hypothyroidism. He may grow elbow or hip dysplasia if he suffers early from obesity in life. The dog breed is somehow brachycephalic, meaning he has got short snouts. This might make it harder for him to bear hot weather, particularly while exercising. It is crucial to ensure he has got sufficient water and examine him to make sure he does not have any difficulty to take a breath.


American Bulldog Care

The American Bulldog needs exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy. Showing laziness in doing so can result in boredom, anxiety, and destructive behavior. As long as you fulfill his requirements, the rest is quite standard. Check his ears weekly, maintain normal visits to the vet and keep up with normal dental and nail clipping monthly. One of the problems you might face is the possibility of drooling that is common among the bully dogs breed. You should be careful to wipe your dog as required unless you want a great amount of slobber all over your apartment or home.


American Bulldog Feeding

The diet of an American Bulldog must be planned for a large to giant dog breed, and the level of his great energy must be considered. His requirements will change from puppyhood to adulthood. It will be right to ask a professional nutritionist or your veterinarian or about particular nutritional requirements of your dog. How to make a proper diet for your dog should be discussed with them.


American Bulldog with Children and Other Pets

The training of socialization should start early for American Bulldog as with every dog breed. As long as he gets proper training, American Bulldog is awesome with kids and is extremely loyal to all family members. It is so crucial to train kids on as well how to control and treat animals properly to avoid any incidents.

Even with the dogs that are properly trained, you should always supervise your dog when he plays with kids to make sure things remain cool. American Bulldog is a large dog breed and overly energetic play can bring about injuries. He often gets on just fine with other dogs, as long as the American Bulldog gets training and socialization. Normally, this dog breed is quite friendly, but when he is too greedy to play rough, injuries can occur and he does not know his own power.



This dog breed stands quite a little taller than the French Bulldog and the English Bulldog. The American Bulldog stands from 20 to 28 inches at the shoulder and weight 60 to 120.