The Relation between a Man and a Dog: Dogs are known as “the man best friend” for a long time. There is no doubt in saying that they earned their title. The unbreakable bond between humans and dogs is remarkable. Since the domestication of the dog, a huge number of people have been drawn to them and vice versa. Canines have been helping us for a long time and in so many ways and expect very little in return. Dogs have done multiple activities to serve their owner like hunting, chasing and keeping away pests and vermin, served the military and police, help the disabled, search and rescue, therapy dog and faithfully remained loyal to their owner and family.

The Relation between a Man and a Dog

The thing we need to do is, we need take good care of them and provide them with a good quality of life. This is more than a fair trade. In fact, it is a downright bargain. How did this bond become so strong? What can we do to preserve and strengthen it?


A Brief History of the Domesticated Dog

The secretive history of dogs has been revealed predominantly by the archaeological research. There is some evidence of ancient dog like creatures that shows the evolution of the dog can actually be traced back millions of years. Some wolves transforming themselves time to time into dogs probably began upwards of 100,000 years ago, but the domesticated dog likely dates back anywhere from 15,000 to 30,000 years. A number of people believe that humans set out to domesticate dogs by breeding for specific traits. Dogs are scavengers to the core and theory suggests that dogs began to follow human hunters for food. It is not important how it starts but the bond between the humans and canines has prosper and strengthened beyond expectation and will likely continue to grow.


What Dogs Do For Humans

Dogs have given us excellent companionship something that no animal has given us more, but this is only the beginning. According to the scientific research owning a pet dog comes with many health benefits. Dogs help their owner active, relax, and lower our blood pressure and more. Dogs like to work for us, too.

Service dogs play an important role in assisting those that faces mental or physical disabilities (like blind and deaf person), work as search-and-rescue dogs, guard valuable property and protect us from harm by sniffing out threats and criminal activity. Our beloved companion dogs can also be trained to defend our homes and families.


What’s In It for the Dogs

The domesticated dog has evolved to be quite dependent upon humans but it does not mean that they cannot survive in the wild without them. They love the care that humans provide them. All we really need to do is look out for our dogs’ best interests. A dog owner should know their responsibilities toward dogs like a dogs basic needs that are food, shelter, health care and so on. We must train them so they understand their jobs (and they find joy in that). It is truly a win-win situation.

The Relation between a Man and a Dog

Great Ways to Bond with Your Dog

The never ending bonding with your dog starts when he shows up in your life and never stops growing. However, there are ways to reinforce the bond throughout your dog’s life. Participation in activities with your dog is the best way to do this. It can be as simple as a walk, a game, or a training session.

Spend time with your dog. Now day life has become very fast and busy and sometimes that makes our dog feel ignored. Talk to your dog,look at your dog,pet your dog.Scratch behind his ears, praise him if done something good and treat them with their favorite food for a good job, and take him with you while travelling. Include your dog in family activities. Have fun together indoors when the weather is bad.

Your dog needs exercise to stay healthy and burn some of his stamina, and so do you except the stamina part. Look for ways to exercise together like a simple exercise like walking or running together. You can also try something different, you can try hiking or cycling. No matter what you choose, your dog will enjoy everything you done with him, he will be glad to spend the time with you and you both will feel the health benefits of exercise.

Try a dog sport, a great way to stay active with your dog is to get involved in a dog sport. Agility is a dog sport that requires the dog and handler to work closely together and communicate well to attain a goal. You should need to know what kind of dog sports will fit your dog personality. Then, find groups in your area. You can start by taking a class and seeing how your dog likes the activity.

Training is essential for all dogs to keep them healthy and obedient. If you know how to handle a dog, you can train your dog on your own. You can also participate in training class together to make a strong bond. The distractions in training class will challenge your dog to keep paying attention to you.

Playing games with your dog will not just make your dog happy but it will also burn some of his stamina. It can be so much fun just to let loose and play a few games. Your dog would agree! Consider games like fetch, hide-and-seek, or tug-o-war. Or, make up your own game! You can involve the whole family (kids too).

Enroll your dog in an animal-assisted therapy to bond with others. If you think your dog is properly socialized and likes to make new friends than maybe he is suitable as a pet therapy, he can visit people in hospitals and nursing homes or help children read and learn. Dogs are able to help those that are ill and lift spirits of people in need, all while having the time of his life.

Be present. No matter how you choose to spend time with your dog, make sure that both of you are having fun. It is better to spend only five minutes together but be attentive and relaxed than to spend an hour together while feeling stressed and rushed.

A strong bond between you and your dog will make your life filled with happiness and wonders. No matter what you face your dog will be on your side as your best friend.

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