Herding Dog Breeds

The Herding Dog Breeds belong to one of the oldest dog breed groups. The ancient people first started to use them for herding their livestock. The abilities that herding dog breeds have got are a mixture of immense natural talents and early training.

While most of them possess a firm desire to amuse, many of them are quite obstinate. The dogs that have got a firm desire to secure will become reserved with the strangers. In the past, people developed them to make their own decision while working for a long time. If this dog breed disobeys the command you give him, do not get surprised. Bet the dominantly active owner with experience can handle the situation by training him moderately.

The Herding dog breeds are smartly intelligent, courageous and territorial. The breeds are also capable of solving problems which can be one of the dog characteristics that differentiate them from other dog groups. Here is the list of dogs from herding group.