Hound Dog Breeds

The hound dog breeds are one of the oldest kind of hunting dogs. There are two types of hound dogs are found in the world.

  • Sighthounds

Sighthound dog breeds are the dogs that hunt by sight. They are smooth and speedy.

  • Scent Hounds

Scenthound dog breeds are the dogs that hunt by scent. They are more like reliable and tough.

If you consider hounds as the best friend of a hunter or as a relaxed pet for a home, all of them have one thing in common at least. These dogs were developed to track and hunt either small vermin or larger game. This particular instinct distinguishes them from sporting dogs who hunt only birds. Before you go to any pet store to adopt hound dog, go through the profile of the breed you love.

We provide you with a comprehensive list of hound dog breeds below to help you select your favorite one.