Dog Breeds by Region

Dog Breeds by Region: There are countless people in the whole world who love dogs and want to possess them as members of their families. There are also people who adopt dog breeds and train them to protect their home or property and some adopt them as companion dog breeds. For thousands of years, dogs have got great importance among the humans. This is the reason why in every era the breeders have been trying to create breeds as per needs of people for thousands of years.

The dog breeds from various parts of the world are extremely popular for their particular characteristics. Therefore a number of dogs are liked by the people outside their homelands for example; Boerboel, Basenji, Azawakh and more from Africa; Alaskan Klee Kai, American Eskimo Dog and more from Alaska; American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier and more from America.

We provide you a complete list of dog breeds by region with comprehensive dog characteristics, pictures, behavior, training, grooming, and exercise and so on.