African Dog Breeds

All the dogs below are African Dog Breeds. One thing is pretty strange you might notice that they look so different from each another. You would get the feeling that all Africa’s dog breeds would look very similar to each other, as they all come from one part of the world.

Africa is an enormous continent. You might get surprised at just how huge it is. Not only the continent is 3 times bigger than the U.S. but the UK can be fit into Africa an astonishing 120 times as well. In fact, the US, Europe, China, India and Japan all can be fit into it quite comfortably.

Now this unbelievably extremely big! About 30, 2210,000 sq km to be precise.

There is a high contrast not only in the climate but also in the landscapes between the 54 nations within Africa. Some of parts of this huge continent are at high altitude, so they are quite cooler especially at night time. Other areas of it near the sea level, so fairly hotter.

Different dog breeds have progressed to suit their several environments. Quite a huge number of the Groups of Sight hound are from African Origin.

But it is not only the domestic environment that the dog breeds Africa have developed to survive in. To explain the great variation in size and shape – there has been a great influence of human in terms of cross-breeding as well, to make dogs with particular qualities.


Quick History about African Dog Breeds

The travelers from Europe and Asia introduced more dogs into Africa. The people interbred those new dogs with the local dogs to create an animal more suited to the environment. They also created them for several uses, such as guarding and protection “Boerboel” or for hunting lions “Rhodesian Ridgeback”.

Most African breeds were quite ancient owing to hieroglyphics found in tombs of Egypt. The mummified dogs that have been discovered buried along with their owners.

However, we should be thankful to use of DNA testing and modern technology, it has been revealed that most of the dog breeds which had been thought to be ancient were literally not as old as first believed.

Only the Basenji dog breed was certainly a genuinely ancient dog breed of Africa. The other dog breeds are thought to have been bred more recently to take after the ancient descriptions and drawings of more ancient breeds found in Tombs of Egypt.