Alaskan Dog Breeds

When we think about the Alaskan Dog Breeds, an image of huskies’ team pulling a sledge over icy tundra comes to mind.

Most of the dogs that were created or developed in the north which is cold can be categorized as a type of dog — Spitz.

This dog breed group is fairly varied. But people have utilized Spitz type dogs from ancient to the present era to hunt, herd, guard and pull.  Some of the smaller types of dogs were used in the past and are still being used merely as pets.

These types of dog breeds groups have got the history of long ago and still remain a mystery. But it is believed that most of them got development in Asia and during the last ice age they may have migrated over the old land bridge.  Many of earliest dogs followed their humans southward towards the Central, lower 48 states, and South America. But not every one.