American Dog Breeds

American dog breeds are developed in America, often the United States of America.

If you belong to the United States, that statement (Made in America) may imagine feelings of national pride.

We do not believe about dog breeds as being created, made, built or produced like a piece of cloth or any technology, but as most everything in this world these days. Some group of people had got a great hand in the creation of dogs breed.

The dog breeds of America can be anything from those which were built in the 16th century by initial pioneers and settlers to those, whose profile of breed is being registered into the record at present.

They may even be earliest dog breeds that lived with Native tribes of American from the beginning of modern history.

Short History of All American Dog Breeds

All American Dog Breeds were originated in the U.S. with the help of dog breeds that were found elsewhere in the world.

Like other dog breeds across the world, they were created for a reason whether it was to develop a breed that was better at doing a task or job or simply the breeder’s brainchild expecting to produce a more hypoallergenic, more affectionate, more trainable lap dog breeds.

There are breeds that are earliest in origination and might have reached the Americas over the Bering land bridge throughout the last Ice Age.  Without a doubt, these early dog breeds moved with their people counterparts anywhere else between 12,000 and 35,000 years ago.

Slowly, these people at last became the tribes who are known as Native Americans or American Indians.  Their dogs followed and acted upon duties such as retrieving and hunting. They were also serving as pack animals, guarding livestock, pulling huge containers of possessions over rough land or humans sacrificed them for their food.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, dogs became the first animals for domestic use of the Native Americans’ new tribes as well as throughout the whole world.

People realized a requirement which a dog could fill that could do the work. Just like in all other countries around the globe, and then started a program that would create the ideal candidate to do that job.

Maybe the specialized territory required a sheepdog or shepherd that could herd the flocks better than a dog of Europe.

Perhaps in 19th century, urban residents required a terrier that was extremely good at catching the American type mouse.

Recent Trends

There was a requirement and desire to look for dog breeds that would be companions by the 20th century. They might be breeds that were utilized for other reasons but now they can be included into a society that had a strong desire for companionship canine. The four legged replacement for a kid that they could pamper, hug, and love.

Today, we look back and see that the people  developed these dog breeds in American all across the country, from the New England and Appalachian Mountains and Alaska, to the great southwestern states and the heartlands of the US.

American Dog Breeds

I searched for high and low to get some dog breeds that were truly developed in the U.S. and i have collected this list. Some of them are not registered with any kennel club or breed or even the ones that are situated in the U.S. Others have been around for a long period of time that they have achieved a popularity and reputation all across the world.