Dogo Argentino dogThe Dogo Argentino dog breed is also well-known as the Argentine Dogo or the Argentinean Mastiff. He is an athletic, powerful, and loyal dog. The breed is both a gentle defender of his family and a fierce hunter. He has got a great prey drive, a strong will. At times, he is a mistrust of strangers and other pets but only an owner who has enough experience to handle this dog.


The breed requires a lot of mental stimulation and physical activity with moderate training otherwise he may get destructive and bored. Dogo Argentino is usually used to assisting with big-game hunting. But he gets training for police work, military work, rescue and search, and as a service dog. Proper socialization and training can make him a phenomenal watchdog and family companion.

Crucial Stats

Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dogs

Height: 23 to 27 inches

Weight: 80 to 100 pounds

Life Span: 9 to 15 years

This muscular and large dog was bred for big-game hunting and strength, particularly for bringing down wild boars. In spite of his ability for aggression when talking about hunting, the breed normally has a pleased disposition, and he is extremely loyal to his family. The strength of Dogo Argentino needs an active and firm trainer. The owner who has the ability to keep big, strong dogs in line And he also requires hard boundaries. A yard with a strong and tall fence is a must. Otherwise this breed has strong prey drive which can lead him to run after small wander or animals.

Socialization with him for other pets and people is also a must to keep the natural caution of Dogo Argentino around other animals and strangers in check. The breed requires remaining active, or he can get bored and vulnerable to devastating behavior. He should never remain home alone for too long. With the proper training, good home, the Dogo Argentino can make a brave and devoted companion for the family as well as a superb watchdog.


Need to Know about Dogo Argentino Dog

Although he was descendant of fighting dogs, aggressive characteristics of him were bred out so that he could work together with other dogs during hunts. He naturally doesn’t want to fight, but some people train him to do so anyway because of his brave nature and strength.

Dogo Argentino has been considered dangerous because he is utilized in dog fighting rings and banned in several countries, including the Cayman Islands, Australia, Fiji, Denmark, Iceland, Ukraine, and Singapore. He is illegal to own without any lawful authority in the United Kingdom.

The breed is from time to time utilized to work with the military, police, and rescue and search efforts.

People love him for his courage and loyalty and standards which make him a phenomenal watchdog.

Early training and socialization are crucial to keep the behavior of Dogo Argentino well. The muscular is also strong-willed, so he requires a firm trainer that can keep him in line without any physical punishment. He is not a breed for the first-time owner.

This dog breed usually looks like the American Bulldog but he has a white coat and is taller. He can also look like the American Pit Bull Terrier but the Dogo Argentino is rather larger and is different in various ways.


Dogo Argentino Dog History

The breed is an ancestor of the Fighting Dog of Cordoba that is now extinct breed, a large, and fierce dog created for, as the name implies, fighting. An Argentinean man whose name is Antonio Nores Martinez desired a hunting dog that had a go. The breed also could tackle the terrain of his homeland, as well as a loyal companion. In the 1920s, Martinez started utilizing critical breeding and had targeted to lessen the desire of dog to fight so it could get together in a pack. He did work to substitute the fighting nature with the requirement to hunt.

Various dogs were mixed to obtain the required characteristics that can be seen in the Dogo Argentino dog. Martinez made a reliable companion dog with a muscular build and a powerful prey drive, perfect for hunting in the terrain of Argentina or as a protector for the loyal family. Unfortunately, this dog breed is sometimes still utilized in dog fighting rings because of his fearless nature and strength.


Dogo Argentino Dog Personality

The Dogo Argentino dog is a faithful breed that tends to be greatly territorial which makes him a phenomenal watchdog. He is a fierce protector of his people, even kids, but his strong prey drive makes him a poor companion for other pets such as smaller dogs or cats. However, this prey drive does make him an excellent hunter. He has the ability to take down wild boars with the strength and brutality.

He is a willful dog that requires an owner with enough experience to tackle his needs of training. Particularly when we talk about socialization, as the breed is well-known for being less than welcoming to other dogs and the people he doesn’t know. He is strong-willed and requires lots of mental stimulation and exercise, so an apartment dwelling will not be the perfect situation for him. It is good to start his training at an early age.


Dogo Argentino Dog Health

The Dogo Argentino dog is vulnerable to a few issues of health. Deafness is one of the major issues, with about ten percent of breeds in the dog getting deaf in one or both ears. This disease is well-known as pigment-related deafness. And you can find in other dogs mostly in white colored, including white Boxer, white Bull Terrier, and Dalmatian. The dog breed can develop other diseases and conditions, including glaucoma, hypothyroidism, and laryngeal paralysis. This dog breed might have hip dysplasia as well, which is usual among large dogs.


Dogo Argentino Dog Care and Grooming

It is crucial to give Dogo Argentino a lot of mental stimulation and exercises, as he can get anxious, bored and devastating if his requirements aren’t met. You ought to have vet checkups on regular basis, keep his teeth clean and groom him as he requires. He should get his ears checked on a weekly basis and trim his nails once a month. Stay in touch with your veterinarian about the individual requirements of your dog.


Dogo Argentino Dog Feeding

The breed will require a diet prepared for large dogs breed with a lot of clean, fresh water. He has a really great energy which should also be considered. Feeding requirements will vary from puppy-hood to adult age. The right way to make a proper plan of feeding for your Dogo Argentino is to discuss your professional nutritionist or a veterinarian about his requirements. He will provide you with the particular guideline.


Dogo Argentino Dog Children and Other Pets

Dogo Argentino is fairly faithful to his people as well as kids. As long as you introduce him to them and make also him habitual of them. However, introducing kids may be a little more difficult, as this dog doesn’t like strangers naturally. There should be supervision when the children and dogs are together. In order to avoid incidents, train this breed on how to interact with pets.

Early Socializing and training are an absolute must for Dogo Argentino to interact with new people and animals. Dogo Argentino has a great prey drive, which may bring about trouble when it gets to smaller pets, including other dogs and cats. If he gets training and socialization properly, the breed can learn interaction with these pets. But this dog breed suits well to a home that only has other large breeds or no other pets.