gull dongThe Gull Dong dog is a powerful breed with a fairly strong body that is extremely loyal to his family. He is affectionate and loving to his owner but quite vigilant and dubious of strangers. This suspicion nature to the people he doesn’t know makes him a really phenomenal guard dog and he is a pretty agile and active breed.


Important Stats

Weight: 90 to 140 lb (40 – 63 kg)

Height: 30 to 42 inches (76 – 106 cm)

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

If you are looking for a family pet, he is not the ideal dog breed. The Gull Dong breed suits life in a forest or on a farm as the breed as a working dog requires tasks to deal with to remain stimulated. He is renowned for his aggressive and fairly short-tempered nature. You can find this breed in various colors like white, white with occasional black spots, black, grey and brindle.


Gull Dong History

This dog breed belongs to Pakistan where he is well-known as the Bully Gull Terr as well. Gull Dong was created by crossing a Pakistani Mastiff (Bully Kutta) with a Pure Pakistani Gull Terrier dog. The goal was to produce a dog that had the best of both the two other breeds traits like the strength and size of the Bully Kutta but the agility and speed of the Gull Terr.

He is also well-known as the Pakistani Bull Dog and is extremely famous everywhere in Pakistan but rather a rare breed throughout the rest of the world.


Gull Dong Training

It is crucial to train and make this breed understand discipline at an early age. He is quite smart and so he will need basic training. You will require becoming pretty consistent, firm and strong. He has a strong will and can become extremely aggressive, so he needs a well-experienced owner.

Owing to his large size, he must get training and socialization at an early age to prevent him to become out of control when becomes an adult. Let your dog know that you are the leader and you and your family higher up the pack than him. You can do it by not letting him sit on you, jump up on you, walk through doorways before you or eat before you.

This act will assist to strengthen him where he is in the pack and he will turn out to be a calmer, more obedient dog that is a happiness to be around. He requires plenty of exercises as he is a working dog breed. Provide him with enough room to run around safely like a large farm or strongly fenced yard.


Gull Dong Protection

He is a frightening defender that will willingly fight with no fear to protect his family and territory. The breed is pretty vigilant and suspicious of the people he does not know.


Gull Dong Grooming

The Pakistani Bull Dog doesn’t need a lot of grooming as the breed is short haired. Whenever it is needed, give him a quick brush and a bath. This dog breed is an average shedder.


Gull Dong Health

He is normally fairly healthy and there is no known health problem although a lot of white dogs of different breeds can be prone to deafness so you may have to consider this or consult your veterinarian.

 Other Good Names of Gull Dong

  • Bully Gull Terrier
  • Pakistani Bull Dog
  • Gull Dang, Kanda
  • Bully Gull Terr

The Liter Size of the Breed: 5 to 8 Puppies