PAKISTANI GULL TERRIERThe Pakistani Gull Terrier dog is a courageous breed that requires a firm owner with good experience to control and train him. He is pretty suspicious of the people he doesn’t know. The breed is rather defensive and loyal to his owner, family and territory.


Important Stats

Weight: 77 to 99 lb (35 – 45 kg)

Height: 20 to 26 in (50 – 66 cm)

Life Span: 7 to 10 years

He is gently good with kids that he has been grown up with but you will need to supervise this breed if he is around any strangers. This dog breed is fairly trainable as he is very smart but you require socializing him from puppyhood. Tell also him that only you are the pack leader.

If you leave him alone without any activities, he can become destructive and aggressive. He is a huge dog so it’s crucial that you proved your Gull Terrier dog with proper socialization and training. He loves routine and structure and requires a handsome amount of exercise as he is pretty active and always on his feet. So he does not suit an apartment dwelling.

Don’t trust around cats or other pets. The breed also has a dog fighting background so he can become aggressive towards other dog breeds as well.


Pakistani Gull Terrier History

The British Raj introduced this rare breed to Pakistan and India when the people of both countries were under the British Rule. The Army from Britain brought English Bull Terriers with them. They were then crossbred with the local dogs to create the breed we see these days. The breed was fairly famous for bears baiting and dog fighting owing to his courageous temperament.

The pure Gull Terrier can be recognized by his almost totally white body and his erect ears. He pretty closely takes after the way the old 19th century Bull Terrier appeared. He is one of the best purebred dogs that belong to the Kohat and Punjab areas of Pakistan.

The pure dog breed has been crossed with other local breeds like Pakistani Mastiff (Bully Kutta) that has cropped ears or his ears aren’t completely erect and are well-known as the classic Type Gull.

He is really common all across Pakistan. Apart from his different ears, he is heavier and bigger. He is also in various colors or with patches of color against white while the pure breed is always white.

You can find this dog breed in the following colors.

  • White
  • White with occasional black spots

Note: Any other color is not a Pure Pakistani Gull Terrier


Pakistani Gull Terrier Training

The Pakistani Gull Terrier dog is fairly smart that gets training pretty easily. As every strong dog, the breed requires socializing at an early age and he should know that you are the owner and leader at all times.

Never allow him to become the boss or you will have some extremely serious issues like aggression and destruction. He is also really energetic and active and needs long walks on a daily basis to burn off some of his energy.


Pakistani Gull Terrier Protection

This breed is a phenomenal protective dog. The Gull is loyal to his owner and courageous. He will surely fight to the death to defend his property and family. If he finds something suspicious, this dog breed will bark to alert you. He can turn out to be aggressive to strangers so you need to supervise him when people come around whom he doesn’t know.


Pakistani Gull Terrier Grooming

He is a short haired dog breed that’s why it is fairly easy to groom and care. His coat doesn’t require a lot of brushing. His coat is harsh and smooth and is twice as thick as the coat of Western Bull Terrier to help him in his fighting and bear baiting Endeavour.


Pakistani Gull Terrier Health

He appears to be a really healthy dog breed but some health issues he is vulnerable to mange and deafness that is common in almost every white dog.

The dog is famous in Kohat and Punjab but quite rare somewhere else such as United Kingdome which can mean a small gene pool. If it is the case, the dogs can be inbred that could bring about temperament and/or health problems if buying out in Pakistan.

Some disreputable breeders are mixing their Bully Katta with Terr as well but still mentioning them as pure dog breeds, that is not the case.