The Treeing Tennessee Brindle dog breed sticks out amongst the hound dogs for his brindle coat, but his capability of sending prey up a tree and hold it as late as the hunter comes, compels people to become his great fans. When he’s on the trail, he has got a lovely voice that sings out.

treeing tennessee brindle

Crucial Stats

Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs

Height: 1 foot, 4 inches to 2 feet tall at the shoulder

Weight: 30 to 45 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 12 years


Treeing Tennessee Brindle

Rev. Earl Phillips was the promoter of this breed, who collected information about him in the 1960s. The Association Breeders of Treeing Tennessee Brindle was constructed to maintain the brindle-colored cur dog with his fearless, companionable, and smart temperament in 1967.

The primary characteristic of Treeing Tennessee Brindle dog breed (TTB) is his brindle coat. He is shorter than the Plott, with a different build and a smaller ear. Notwithstanding the prominence of the brindle coat in the name, when it gets to this smart dog breed, performance is supreme.



Male: Stands 18 to 24 inches at the shoulder

Female: Stands 16 to 22 inches

Weight: From 30 to 45 pounds