Utonagan dog takes after a wolf was developed over last 20 years. But he does not have any resemblance to the wolf traits. The breed got origination firstly during the 80s in U.K crossing Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malumate and German Shepherd dog breed. He is a rare breed which has a phenomenal nature and relaxed with love and very friendly too. However, if you leave him home alone for a long time, he can become devastating. He has skill in escape art.

utonagan dog

Crucial Stats

Height: 23 to 30 inches

Weight: 55 to 90 pounds

Life Span: 09 to 13 years

Recognition: No Kennel Club recognizes him


He tends to do in any discipline and has been utilized for obedience, agility, skid-doing, fly-ball and much more, owing to his ideal nature. He comes with intelligence but takes a lot of time to become mature. The breed’s level of intelligence makes him easy to train at his puppy-hood. He can love training to amuse his owner in any field. He can greet everyone so the breed is not good as a guard dog but due to his alert nature, he is an excellent watchdog.

When visitors or guests approach the door or homes, he will alert you. He can howl and may be very vigorous. He can show his behavior to all or various persons by wooing. The breed is not suitable for families having small children because of his enormous size and active nature. He may knock down the kids accidentally. He can get on with other pets but socialization is compulsory at an early age is necessary. However, this must be proper and slow.

The breed creates a relationship with a person. He is a one person dog breed and he can be a great dog if one person handles him. He has high energy drive and will need a lot of exercises. The breed needs walk once or twice in a day to stay satisfied and healthy.


Utonagan Dog Breed History

Utonagan dog breed was originated during the 80s by crossing Siberian husky and Alaskan Malamute. Later on, German shepherd dog was also added into to improve his height and more silky and smooth look. This dog breed was established to get a dog having a resemblance to a wolf with no damaging characteristics of wolves. The Name Utonagan was taken from an old chinook Indian Story that means “spirit of the wolf”. He is mainly a newer purebred dog that is still going through the development. A pair of dog breed was brought to United Kingdom first time in the late 80s.

A version of this dog breed got Northern Inuit and other one got awarded with the name.of Utonagan. In these days, the Utonagan dog breed has a worth looking appearance. He is the charm with an outstanding frankness and relaxed.


Utonagan Dog Breed Appearance

The Utonagan dog breed takes after a Timber Wolf. He has the Large, powerful and strong presence, however, he is not developed too heavily. His legs are long and the eyes are brown or amber or yellow with a shape of an almond, blue eyes are the fault of the breed. He has a thick and bushy tail. He is with a nice approach and ground covering; the effortless walk is with a strong drive.

The breed has a double coat which is heavy, the outer coat is waterproof but hard and the undercoat is soft and thick. The coat is longer and thicker around the tail and neck. His ears are feathered but he has no feathering is on his legs. You can find his coat in a grizzled combination of black, silver, timber grey, white, or buff single colors of black or white. The Pied colors or are ink marked not desirous.


Utonagan Dog Breed Temperament

Utonagan dog has a friendly nature and is an intelligent dog with a temperament which is well-balanced. It makes him one of the phenomenal companion dogs as well as a family dog. He enjoys the company of his people and good with kids. If he is socialized with other household animals at early days of age, he can be friendly with them. The breed dog comes with a top pack approach so he might respect the animals inside the pack. However, a solid and confidently strong leader he needs.

This dog never likes to remain home alone for too long. This loneliness may lead him to some undesirable behavioral issues in his nature. He can become devastating and may turn to escaping tendency. However, this dog may become rather boisterous while playing but can be good at a lot of other activities like PAT therapy dogs.


Utonagan Dog Breed with children and other pets

The Utonagan dog breed is often quite well-known to be good with kids. However, he is a boisterous dog and with a huge size, doesn’t suit the families having smaller children. He can also knock down the children accidentally. The breed will greet anyone without becoming aggressively hostile. This dog can get on with other pets if he gets socialization at an early age.


Utonagan Dog Breed Care and Grooming

The Utonagan dog breed has a dense coat and easy to groom. To keep his appearance in a nice shape, he needs brushing twice a week. However, while he is shedding, he demands more care and grooming than normal. He is not among the low shedding dogs but is an average shedder.


Utonagan Dog Breed Health Issues

The breed may have some genetic health issues from his parent breeds. However, he may be vulnerable to eyes issues hip dysplasia and eyes issues, but it is quite rare.


Utonagan Dog Breed Exercise

Utonagan is really an energetic breed and may have a tendency to become boisterous during plays. But however, he will do exceptionally well in other activities such as agility and fly-ball. He has great energy drive and will need a lot of exercises. The daily walks at least two times can help the Utonagan to remain satisfied and healthy. Being an active dog, the Utonagan possesses a great stamina to deal with plenty of exercises. Owing to the thick and dense overcoat, he can have the tendency to get overheated during exercises so more care he will need.