Welsh springer spanielThe Welsh springer spaniel dog breed was developed as a gundog to flush, or spring, a game in the field. A faithful companion, he’s a favorite of discriminating hunters and families. Give him the exercise and training he needs, and he’ll be your best friend.


Important Stats

Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dogs

Height: From 1 foot, 6 inches to 1 foot, 11 inches tall at the shoulder

Weight: 40 to 65 pounds

Life Span: 12 to 15 years


Need to know about Welsh springer spaniel

The Welsh springer spaniel is a favorite dog breed among sportsmen for more than 200 years. It got his name from springs at the game to flush it for hunters. These beautiful, lively dogs are very good in the field and they are a wonderful companion for a family. It is a medium size dog with a fit body. The Welshie’s body contains a silky white and dark red coat of hair with medium hair. They got more dense hair on their ear, chest, belly and legs. They have a very gentle expression and big hanging ears.

Like Weimaraner, a Welsh springer spaniel is very good among people. It always wants to please their family in any way they can. It is very gentle around children if they are exposed to them at a younger age or they grow up with them. Welshie is normally good among small animals but because they are bred for hunting birds they see them as prey. Because it is a hunting breed it got a lot of stamina and energy, so it needs to have hours of exercise and training than an average dog. It has a very strong hunting instinct so keeping him on a leash. When they are in an unfenced area or they will start hunting birds whenever it sees one. It is necessary to train you Welshie’s to come to you when called at a young age.

Welsh springer spaniel is not only used for hunting, but they also participate in other activities such as tracking, obedience, agility. Besides running after birds these dogs only want is to impress their people by any means. Welsh Springer Spaniel doesn’t do well with strangers. They became reserved with new people so early socialization is necessary.

They are very attention seeking dogs they want to be with their owner as much as possible, if left alone for too long they become destructive and sometimes suffer from separation anxiety. Welshie’s are very eager to please and trainable but house training can be very difficult. It is recommended to crate train them. Welshie’s have a soft personality and it will do well with aggressive training or anger.

Young Welshie’s are hard to deal with because they are full of energy and they will greet you with ebullience, they will show their affection towards by jumping up on you. Training them not to jump is a good idea especially when there are children in the house, they might accidentally knock them to the ground. Welsh springer spaniel is full of energy and stamina and their energy needs channelling if not done they become confused or may be destructive.

Some of them do submissive urination mostly when they are very excited about or meeting new people or animals. It is a good thing to prevent them from doing so by reducing their excitement, take them outside or teach them to sit, stay or lay down. Keep that in mind it is hunting breed and it has a strong preying instinct so put on a leash before you take him outside or in unfenced areas. You don’t know when he starts hunting birds.

If you want a healthy dog, you have to avoid buying puppies from a pet store, puppy mill or irresponsible breeder. Find a responsible breeder that tests his breeding dogs for any genetic disease that may pass on to their puppies. He can easily show you health clearance of both parents.


Health Welsh springer spaniel

Generally, Welsh Springer Spaniel is healthy but like all other dog breeds, they likely suffer from certain health conditions. It is not necessary that the dog will get all or any of these diseases if you are considering this breed you should have awareness.

Epilepsy is a disease that affects 6% of this breed. Epilepsy is very devastating in this breed, it doesn’t respond well to medication and mostly leads to permanent brain damage or death.

Eyes disease is another major issue in Welsh Springer Spaniels, like cataracts and glaucoma that often lead to blindness.

Hip dysplasia is mostly caused by genetics or environmental factors.

In Welshies, you should see the health clearances for hip dysplasia with the at least fair score, hypothyroidism, von Willebrand’s disease and elbow dysplasia from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and for eyes the Canine Eye Registry Foundation. You can also check the OFA website for health clearance.


Welsh springer spaniel Care

  • Welshie can remain outside with a shelter that protects from cold and heat but who wouldn’t want to keep them in the house. They sleep at your feet and they are a very good companion what more do you want.
  • They can also live comfortably indoor or in an apartment if they get enough exercise.
  • Your training should be entertaining and short but do not repeat such training too much. You can also train them according to their personality.
  • Patience is the key to Welshie’s training. Train them well and you will have a great reward in return.
  • Welsh springer spaniel is very energetic and has a lot of stamina so they need hours of activities.
  • Whenever you go outside don’t forget to leash the dog, you never know when his preying instinct takes over and start chasing birds.


Welsh springer spaniel Feeding

Recommended daily amount: 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry food every day that is divided into two meals.

NOTE: How much your adult Welshie eats, depends on his size, build, age, metabolism and activity level. The dogs are individuals, just like a human, and they do not want the same amount of food. In simple words, a highly agile and active dog will, of course, need more than a dog who is a couch potato. When you buy the quality food for your dog also makes a difference — the better the food for your dog, the further it will go towards nourishing the dog and the less of it you will need to shake into your dog’s bowl.

If you are not sure, whether he is overweight or not look down on him first and then you will be able to see his waist. Now keep your hands on his back and your thumbs on his spine, along with the fingers that spread downward. You will be able to feel his ribs but not see without pressing hard. If you can’t, he definitely will need more exercise and less food.


Welsh springer spaniel with Children and Other Pets

Welsh Springer Spaniel is a very gentle breed, but sometimes they get very excited and start jumping to their owner. It is necessary to train your dog to stop jumping so that it may not knock down any children. It is a good idea that your dog is growing with children. Always teach your children how to touch and approach dogs. And you must always supervise the interactions between young children and dogs to prevent any biting or tail or ear pulling. Teach your children never try to approach any dogs while they are sleeping or eating or taking their food away.