welsh terrierWelsh terrier makes your life full of excitement; it is a dog that enjoys fullest for him. Welsh terrier is full of energy and excitement, it hardly gets tired and it spends its life by enjoying to the fullest. This dog is bred for independent hunting. They are very good at it, with the help of never-ending stamina and determination.


Important Stats

Dog Breed Group: Terrier Dogs

Height: From 1 foot, 2 inches to 1 foot, 3 inches tall at the shoulder

Weight: up to 20 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 14 years


Need to know about Welsh Terrier

Most people get confused thinking of them as an Airedale, but Welsh terrier personality is very different. It has a strong personality, what do you expect it is bred to hunt. They hunt badgers, foxes and otters. Nowadays hunting badgers is a thing in the past.

His hunting days are over but that doesn’t mean he is not useful anymore. He is used for many events like agility, tracking, flyball, obedience and earthdog. He is also used for search and rescue work.

It is a dog in medium size; this dog is not for the first-time owner because they don’t know how to train a dog in first place and this breed is very hard to train. Those pet owners who think they want a challenging life with a dog who only wants to please you, you will not regret it. He is a freethinker and a problem solver which can be dangerous sometimes.

If you want to live peacefully or want to sit on your favorite sofa to read a book, don’t even think about getting this dog. When you don’t play with him, he will somehow get your attention but sometimes not in a good way. If you think he will obey all your commands, you should reconsider because it will be very hard to train your Welsh Terrier to obey your every order. If you are dedicated to his training, he will be great in the competition and also a family loving companion.

In the form of energy, this breed is like a powerhouse, it requires to exercise minimum one hour a day. This dog is also a great jogging companion. Although no matter how much energy is burned during the exercise, sometimes you will see him playing rough like knocking things or jumping over couches. Don’t bother looking for an injury during their play time, they are very tough. They are great with kids and they will keep them busy when you need a break.

Welsh Terrier loves to be on the high places like the chair, tables etc. If you play with them inside a house keep that in mind that they will run all over the house.

Welshie is intelligent and that why they learn easily, but they are still hard to train. If you keep repeating boring training lessons than your Welsh Terrier will start to ignore you. If you make his training lessons fun and positive, this will keep him do the training lessons with interest and makes you in charge. Training can become a little easy if you know which training will be according to his traits.

They are good with other dogs in the house, it will be good to properly socialize them from being dog aggressive. They have a very strong prey drive and they are not best with small animals in a house.

Welsh Terrier is not suitable for living in an apartment. He can be a problem for building with noise restrictions because it is a watchdog and when he hears or sees something odd he will start barking. He is ideal with a small yard with the fence which suits his noise and energy, if you can ignore a few holes in the lawn. Welshie’s likes living indoors rather than in a kennel. Like other terrier dog breeds, they spend a lot of time digging holes in the lawn which will surely destroy your garden.

If a family which has the time to care for dogs meet their requirement of exercise and love activities than Welsh Terrier is a perfect dog.  He is independent and does not need extra attention. You will enjoy your time with him cuddling on the sofa or couch. He will fill your house with the sounds of laughter, happiness, and joy. This dog is the proof that not all good things come with big packages and life can become enjoyable to the fullest.

Welsh Terrier Health

He has an average lifespan of 12 years to 14 years. A Welsh Terrier may suffer minor health issues like glaucoma, luxation and lens. Eye diseases are very common in this breed which can lead to blindness. This breed also has a high rate of hip dysplasia which is about 15% and generally occurs through genetic problems. If both parents have been certified to be clear from hip dysplasia and eye disease than the chance are minimize. Taking care of your dog will also prevent or minimizes the chance of being sick. Give good quality of food and keep his diet in control. Play with him and often give him some time of your life. This not only makes your dog happy but also create a bond between the both.

Welsh Terrier Care

  • Welsh Terrier is not very obedient breed. He is an independent dog and he will often test his owner’s limit. Consistency and positive training is required for him.
  • He gets bored easily, so make the training interesting by adding a little fun time is a good way to keep the interest in training.
  • Give him proper socialization with other dogs and animals because they are dog aggressive but early and constant socialization make him a good friend with his fellow dogs.
  • Welsh Terrier has very high stamina and he should have time to exercise 1 hour daily by playing ball or Frisbee and going to the dog park.
  • Buying squeaky toys is a good idea because a favorite toy can burn a lot of stamina of the dog.
  • Don’t put them in the crate for too long. They are people’s dog and they need a lot of room.
  • Crate training is good at an early age when they could have accidents. Also, the crate is a good place to take a nap and is also necessary in case the dog sick or hospitalized.
Feeding Welsh Terrier

Recommended daily amount: 3/4 to 1 cup of good-quality dry food every day that is divided into two meals.

NOTE: Note: It depends upon your dog size, age, metabolism, build, and activity level how much your dog eats. They don’t need the same diet, they are like people and all dogs are individual. It is an active dog so he needs dry kibbles which are specifically for active dogs. Soft food is not suitable for him because it will cause gum disease and tooth decay which may cause bad breath.

Welsh Terrier with Children and Other Pets

Welsh Terrier is very good with children but they need to be socialized. If you going to have children in the future start visiting some of your friends with children and see how the dog behave around them. Children to act like adults they make noises and get very excited and sometimes pull the dog tail. So it is necessary that children should know how to behave with the dog. If you have children with young age it must advise to always prevent the kid from biting, dragging or pulling any part of the dog. Teach the children never to approach when the dogs eating, playing with his favorite toy or sleeping.