Whippet dog breedThe Whippet dog breed is very popular among poachers. They are like poacher’s best friend. They are very fast and are ideal for catching rabbits and other small game. Nowadays Whippet is famous for competing in fly ball, agility, lure coursing, obedience, and rally. Whippet is also used for therapy. This breed is a favorite family companion because of his friendly personality, unique nature and stylish look.


Important Stats

Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs

Height: From 1 foot, 6 inches to 1 foot, 10 inches tall at the shoulder

Weight: 18 to 48 pounds

Life Span: 12 to 15 years


Need to know about Whippet Dog Breed

This breed is also well-known as poor man’s Greyhound. This dog breed was made at the late 18 century for poachers for hunting rabbits and small games. This breed was also used for the snap contest, in which the dog goal is to snap up rabbits in a circle. When it found out that the Whippet will also chase a waving rag then Whippet racing becomes very popular.

It is also well-known as the perfect all-purpose dog and it is an excellent competitor in agility, lure coursing and fly ball. They are well known for their independent temperament, this makes their obedience training complicated. Although there are many Whippets that successfully competes in obedience trials.

Usually, Whippet will easily get along with other dogs and people but like the most dogs’ early socialization and exposure to different people, sound, sights, and situations are essential to keep the dog calm. If you are fond of cats or like to have a cat in the future do not bother having a Whippet. There have been some cases when a Whippet kills the family cat and in some cases, they live peacefully with them but due to their strong prey drive, it is important to supervise the interaction between them. Leaving them alone is not a good idea they should always be someone watching them.

His prey drive can be a problem. It is important to put on a leash whenever you take him outside for a walk because they start to chase the first thing they see as their prey. They can chase the prey for miles even a well-trained one will not obey your commands when in pursuit.

Whippets love their daily walk routine or running in a confined area or a fenced yard is enjoyable. They are very undemanding and gentle in a house. The thing they need in a house is your company to enjoy. They are great with children, they are very playful and little mischievous along with them. They will lie close to you on the couch or on the bed.

Whippets need to exercise daily. Although their energy level drops indoors they still need their daily exercise. They become very destructive and overactive if the exercise is not according to their need. If a Whippet dog breed is not socialized properly they may become stressed and timid by environment changes. On the other hand, a properly socialized Whippet is an undemanding and polite who is great with other dogs and strangers.

Whippets are not suitable for security purpose because they don’t bark often and they will be friendly toward strangers. They will enjoy running and romping in a fenced area or on a leash. They need to be exercised daily. Whippets have a strong prey drive and they will chase any animal for miles that look like prey. Putting on a leash is important in Whippets.

Underground electronic fencing does not work with Whippet because if they see an animal to chase they will ignore the shock. It is recommended to use the 6-feet fence to keep them confined. A Whippet has small hair and they don’t shed much. Weekly brushing will get rid of all the loose hair off. It is a quiet and calm dog if their exercise is met according to their need. If they are not exercised properly they may become destructive.

This breed is not an outdoor dog and living in the house with the family is suitable for this breed. Long time separation can cause separation anxiety in which the dog become destructive. It is necessary to spend time with your dog and give him the freedom he needs, running around in the house or just sit beside your feet or beside you on the couch.

Whippets are great with multi-dog households, but there have been some cases of attacking and killing cats by Whippets. Some of the Whippets live happily with cats and other small animals but they were socialized at a young age. If you have a cat or other small animals please keep in mind that with proper training the Whippet may start chasing or injure the small animal.

Whippets are very delicate in cold weather they get cold easily. It is necessary to bug a coat or sweater for him to wear. Whippets are great with kids they become playful among them. It is recommended to teach the children how to approach and interact with the dog and young children must be supervised.


Whippet Dog Breed Health

This breed is generally a healthy breed and to get a healthy Whippet to buy from a responsible breeder who will ensure his health who is dewormed and vaccinated. A responsible breeder will give health clearance to the parents. Health clearances are issued after 2 years of age because some health issues do not appear before the dog reaches maturity.

Drugs like anaesthesia are very sensitive to Whippets. A normal dose of anaesthesia for a normal dog can kill a Whippet. The reason behind this is the low percentage of fat in this breed. Choose a veterinarian who knows the dose for whippets. If there is no veterinarian available in the town who knows the knowledge of dose, it is important to alert her about the sensitivity.

An uncommon disease among Whippet dog breed is deafness. Those dogs that are deaf have communication needs and special training; there are some things that can help to make their and your life easy such as vibrating collars.

Some Whippets faces eye defects but if your breeder gave you the health clearances for the eye for both parents, then you should not worry.

They can also suffer from chronic diarrhea by food intolerance, stress, or gastrointestinal disease like colitis.

Von Willebrand’s Disease is a blood disorder which is incurable. Reduction of von Willebrand factor in the blood affects the clotting process. The signs for von Willebrands disease will have the following signs like bleeding gum, nosebleeds, prolonged bleeding from surgery or during heat cycles.


Whippet Dog Breed Care

  • Whippets get cold easily so it is important to give him a comfortable bed which gives his body the warmness he needs. You also give access to the couch or your bed so he can cuddle. In cold weather, he will need a coat or sweater to keep him warm. He can’t live outdoor and mostly not in cold weather.
  • To keep a Whippet in his yard underground electronic fence will not work because he will ignore the shock if he sees something to chase. A 5 or 6-feet fence is ideal for Whippet to safely contain him.
  • A Whippet needs at least 30 min walk daily and with a leash, If in a fenced yard or a park, they will love the chance to run freely without a leash but his energy lasts only for a few minutes don’t be surprised.
  • Training or exercising a Whippet should be short. It is recommended to avoid any kind strain on the joint or system. It is believed that a 5-month-old puppy needs only 25 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Whippets are easy to house train by using a crate. A crate is like a safe house for Whippets. By using the crate you can relax that your dog won’t have an accident in the house or bite something he should not.
  • Training your Whippets is a little different than other dogs they need patient and positive reinforcement. Whippets have a mind of their own but they also are smart and willing. If they do something good praise them or reward them with their favorite Harsh or aggressive training will make your dog stop working.


Whippet Dog Breed Feeding

Recommended daily amount: 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food every day that is divided into two meals.


Whippet has a thin coat and his skin is not protected as the other dog breeds. It is very common in Whippet to have scrapes, tears and nicks which requires stitching. Often check the dog for any injuries and make sure that there is no infection in the scrapes or nicks. Like, people, all dogs have different personality and needs. The quantities of food your dog consume depend upon the size, age, activity and build. If a dog is highly active he will eat more than a dog that does not have much activity. If you want your dog to eat his food without shaking the dog bowl, buy high-quality food which will also give better nourishment.

Whippet Dog Breed with Children and Other Pets

This good dog breed is ideal for children. Indoor they don’t look much in activity but when they are with children they become playful. Their size is also right for the children they can’t knock down someone and they are not very delicate to get injured easily. Keep in mind that it is a dog and he needs to be supervised if there are young children in the house. Children should know how to interact with the dogs and never pull their tail or ears, never approach a dog while he is sleeping or eating.