The Wire Fox Terrier dog breed is a small purebred that belongs to the UK. He does really well in activities such as hunting, agility, performing tricks, tracking and watchdog. He can also become a fairly good companion dog. The breed was once thought to be the same as the Smooth Fox Terrier with just a difference of coat. Just 30 years ago both of the breeds were classed as the same dog breed. However, they are two separately different dogs now but they do have a lot of similarities in requirements and nature. The Wire Fox Terrier is fairly dynamic, feisty and lively dog.

Wire Fox Terrier

Crucial Stats

Group: Terrier Dogs

Height: 13 to 16 inches

Weight: 13 to 20 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 15 years


The Wire Fox Terrier History

Wire Fox Terrier belongs to the UK way back in the late 1700s. The wealthy and the gentry’s people really liked the fox hunting. Those people utilized this dog breed to track the foxes. The Smooth Fox Terrier had been originated just before this Wire Fox Terrier and made his appearance in shows around 15 to 20 years ago. While these two kinds were categorized as the same dog breed for a long time, in fact, it is thought they were both separately established.

It is also believed that other breeds such as Smooth Fox Terrier as well as roughly coated tan and black terrier in the development of this amazing breed. A breed standard was drawn when the English Fox Terrier Club began in 1876. The farmers also used the breed to hunt vermin like rats and other animals.

During the 1880s, he was imported to the US and the American Fox Terrier Club began in 1885 and the AKC recognized it in the same year. In fact, this breed club became a very first member of the American Kennel Club. Despite that fact, some royal families including King Edward VII and Queen Victoria owned this lovely breed. Until the 1930s, he was not a famous dog breed as a companion.

The AKC divided formally the fox terrier and registering him as a separate breed in 1985. But not all countries have done it. He is not the most famous breed that the AKC has registered and the Wire Fox Terrier ranks just 94th.


Wire Fox Terrier at Present

Wire Fox Terrier is a strongly built breed with a heavy and thick neck. His legs are straight and the tail set high. The tail is docked at around a quarter of its length. The coat is heavy, wiry and harsh with hair which is thick and tight together. But the undercoat is short and soft. You find this breed in some common colors that are tan, black, brown and white.

Markings can contain a large or saddle spots on the back and brown on face. You can find him in other colors such as blue, red, liver or brindle but people don’t want them on show dogs. He has got a skull that is flat and thin to the eyes and a muzzle that tapers and possesses a black nose. His eyes are dark and the ears are in V shapes which drop down to near his cheeks.


Wire Fox Terrier Temperament

The dog breed is an excellent watchdog and will bark to make you alert to any strangers. But he is not particularly defensive so might not act to protect you. The first time owners can select to adopt this breed. An experienced owner with confidence will be preferable as he has an obstinate, dominant and feisty nature which can at times make things difficult. He has got an impulsive and curious nature that may get him into trouble a great deal. But his daring behavior describes that he doesn’t care at all.

He has got a high bark, so make sure the training also contains commands to stop this habit. The breed loves tunnelling and digging, so your yard should be strongly fenced. He is very selfish of his items. If you don’t provide him with plenty of stimulation and activities, he will become devastating and gets bored fairly easily. He is brave, independent, to some extent sensitive and smartly intelligent. The breed is often cheerful and friendly with his family as well as pretty loyal and loving. He will require a great deal of attention but can deal with alone not long periods, just for some time.


Wire Fox Terrier Appearance

The Wire Fox Terrier dog breed is rather easy to train as he is intelligent for a confident and experienced owner. He does well during the training but can become obstinate and crafty and doesn’t like too much repetition at all. Comparing to some other terriers, he is relatively easy to train. He loves to make his decisions independently and has got a strong dominance but you will require making him clear that you are the leader. Be consistently clear that you mean what you say and ask him to do.

Train him with positive firmness as well as teaching obedience as well as the tricks. The owner who is too shy and soft is going to have problems with small dog syndrome, devastating and poor behavior, possessiveness, jealousy and aggression. During the training, make sure you socialize him early so that he is able to give response properly to different people, situations and places.


Activeness of the Wire Fox Terrier

He is a playful and active dog breed. He enjoys chasing balls, running around, chasing after anything moving, swimming, digging and going for brisk walks. His size suggests he can live in an apartment but he does well in a yard and his high barking might be a problem. It is crucial that you should provide him with a well-fenced yard as he can escape. It is fairly important to keep him off-leash when you are walking as he tends to chase everything and he is extremely fast! He will love chances to run freely in safe places. He needs at least 30 to 45 minutes of healthy activity and daily walks twice a day.


Wire Fox Terrier Care and Grooming

While he is low shedding dog breed can be suitable for homes. He is literally still quite a great maintenance dog, especially if you keep him to show quality. For pet standard breeds, keep him tangle free you will require brushing usually and trim and clip in every two or three months. His coats require stripping by hand and that needs skill and time. It means regular visits to a professional groomer along with your own care daily. Just remember, stripping means that the colors and glossiness need maintenance. The clipping will affect the color of the coat and change the texture of it.

The coat which is clipped is quite softer but it is fairly hard to keep clean as well. Bathe him when it is necessary or it will dry out the skin. Except for the coat, there are other requirements of the care. They include brushing his teeth minimum three times a week, checking his ears for infection then wiping them clean and clipping his nails when they get too long. You need to take care of his nails as in the lower section there are blood vessels.


Feeding Wire Fox Terrier

Recommended daily amount: ½ to 2 cups of good quality dry food every day that is divided into two meals.


Wire Fox Terrier with children and other pets

Like any other dogs, this breed may not back down if anyone challenges him. He is uneven and brave and dominant. The breed has also got a great prey drive and will chase everything moving. These instincts of the breed mean he doesn’t get along with any kinds of small animals. He would want to run after and catch them and he also doesn’t get along with other dog breeds well. Early socialization is really crucial to help to avoid such instincts.

He can do well with kids and enjoys playing with them. The breed is really affectionate too with kids if he has been raised with children. He does better with older kids rather than small ones. Small kids at times tease, make loud noises suddenly or try to hold the dogs. This dog breed will not like such things.


Wire Fox Terrier Health Issues

He is mainly a pretty healthy dog but there are some problems of health which may come up such as:

  • epilepsy
  • Eye problems
  • Legg Calve Perthes
  • Mast cell tumors
  • Deafness
  • Hip dysplasia

Note: This health information is all about providing our visitors with a type of general knowledge. In order to be aware of any health issues or any diseases and conditions, do consult your veterinarian.


Wire Fox Terrier Biting Statistics

When we take a look at reports of dogs attacking humans in the last 3 decades in Canada and US, this breed is not in the reports.  The dog breed loves to be dominant. If the owner doesn’t train, socialize and supervise him well, he may overreact or become aggressive.

Wire Fox Terrier is a small breed but he isn’t cute lap dogs. He is not a baby and no way submissive little yes dog as well.

The breed is extremely fast and runs away quite easily. He is dominant and will usually challenge you. He is mischievous and has a great prey drive so he doesn’t get on with other animals well. This dog will challenge other dogs even those that are a lot bigger than him. If he does not get proper training and socialization, He can be a pretty problematic dog to live with. But for those who are well-experienced owners and always ready for such problems, he is a dedicated and loyal companion. He is confident and full of bold personality. This will please you and always keep you on your toes.