Yorkshire Terrier Dog BreedThis is feisty breed is small in size but big in personality. Yorkshire terrier makes a loving companion. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United State. It has won the heart of many people by his loyalty to owner and devotion. His personality and elegant looks make him the excellent companion for an apartment.


Important Stats
Dog Breed Group: Companion Dogs
Height: From 8 inches to 9 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight: 4 to 6 pounds
Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Need to know about Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is also known as Yorkie. It is a one of kind breed with a very different attitude than common dogs. He mostly thinks he is the boss despite his small size. He has a long silky coat and is to believe the most glamorous dog representative in the world. Its small size makes him easy to carry and that makes him very attractive because they have a special dog purse for them. This big dog in a small body is quite an adventure seeker and sometimes a troublemaker.

This breed is bold, curious, loving and stubborn. Yorkshire terrier is an excessive barker, they often bark when they see strangers. It is necessary to teach them to control their barking from the day one. Although they are excellent watchdogs and they are very quick in alarming anything that looks or sound new. You have to be quick when they start barking on a wrong thing before it becomes a habit. This will also help your Yorkshire terrier to respect you and it will stop barking when you stop him.

Yorkshire terrier is very friendly but it has the nature of terrier for suspicion and they need early and extensive socialization with strangers and different sounds and sights. If not socialized properly their suspicious becomes into nastiness.

Sometimes they can become aggressive towards other dogs and if they see a squirrel then he is in for a run of his life. On the other hand, Yorkshire terrier has a soft side, they need lots of time and attention with the family. Left alone for long hours is not for Yorkie because they want a lot of your time. Never overprotect your dog because he is small then it will make him oversensitive.

Yorkshire terrier is not for younger children. If there teased they might snap and it may start defensive biting. Although children with older age who knows how to treat and approach a dog.

This is breed is ideal for an apartment but like every other dog, it needs exercise like a little play session in the house or a short walk around the street. Yorkshire terrier does fine with neighbor dogs and cats if they are raised with them. They are very emotional towards their owner and may get possessive if the owner brought a new pet in the house. It is in their terrier nature to challenge the intruder and if they start fighting it will be a fight to the death. So it is important to take supervision if you are introducing a new pet in the house.

Crate training is important for Yorkshire terrier because they are very difficult to housetrain. They don’t like cold weather or environment, especially it the area is damp.

Yorkie are small in size, has a delicate structure and sometimes has a bossy attitude which is not suitable for young children. They may start to tease him and making the Yorkie aggressive.

Whenever a Yorkie see or hear something suspicious they will start barking. This breed barks too much and it needs consistent training to stop barking when not needed. If you think you are not up for this training you can also consult a professional dog trainer which will make your life easy.

Yorkshire terrier may become picky eaters and may have a delicate digestive system. It may face an eating problem when having a problem with teeth or gum. If your dog is showing any sign of discomfort when eating food or after eating. Make sure to take him to the vet.

Yorkie are the big dog in a small body and they will pick a fight with a big dog. They don’t care about the other dog size they just jump into the fight bravely. Other dogs can easily break their neck. So be sure to keep supervision among them if you take him to another dog. If you want your dog to behave than early socialization is the only way to make him calm.

Yorkshire terrier retains their puppy teeth. When your dog is 5-month-old start checking his teeth often. If the baby tooth is still there while the adult tooth is coming in than take him to the vet. If the baby teeth are not taken care of then the adult teeth will come unevenly which also cause tooth can decay afterwards.

Yorkshire Terrier Health

This is breed is generally healthy but it is prone to some health conditions. If you are interested in buying this breed make sure to get a health clearance from the breeder of both parents.

A common problem in small dogs is Patellar Luxation which also called “slipped stifles”. The cause of this disease is that the thigh bone, kneecap, and calf are not properly inline. This causes abnormal gait or lameness in the dog.

A degenerative eye disorder which is called Progressive Retinal Atrophy. In this disease, the dog slowly becomes blind because of the loss of photoreceptors at the back of the eye. Although it is detectable before the signs of blindness occurs.

Portosystemic Shunt is an abnormal flow of blood between the body and the liver. There are many signs which include lack of appetite, intermittent gastrointestinal issues, urinary tract problems, drug intolerance, neurobehavioral abnormalities, low blood sugar, etc. Most of the signs appear before the age of two. In long-term management, corrective surgery can be helpful, as well as a special diet.

Many small and toy breed dogs like Yorkshire terrier can suffer from hypoglycemia mostly when they are puppies. It is caused by low blood sugar. Signs of confusion, seizure, weakness, and wobbly gait are included. If a dog has one of these sign take him to vet for treatment.
Trachea which takes air to the lungs tends to collapse. Common signs are a chronic dry and harsh cough. Some people describe a harsh cough as goose honk. It is treated with medicine or surgery.

Yorkshire Terrier Care

Yorkshire terrier likes to be with his owner, playing outside, go for a walk. This breed is very active indoor and it does not need much exercise. Yorkie willingly like to train if it takes to perform tricks and agility.

They are a little trouble maker but according to their size, their troubles are small too. So it is ignorable by some people but it is wrong. They should know where to go when they want their business. By doing so you will get a well behave Yorkie.
This breed is a house dog and it cannot withstand extreme heat and cold.

Yorkshire terrier loves toys and the most with the one which makes noises like a squeaky toy but checks the toys often to make sure that the dog did not chew the toy open. They also like to fetch their toys.

Yorkshire terrier has long hair and they need to be brushed regularly if you don’t want to brush them regularly then you should consider short hair for your dog which is easy to handle. According to some people, short hair makes them look like a puppy.

Yorkshire Terrier Feeding

Recommended daily amount:1/2cups of good quality dry food every day that is divided into two meals.

NOTE: Dogs eat according to their size, weight and activity. A dog who is a couch potato who does not have much activity will need at least 150 calories and on the other hand, an active dog that is great shape will need 200 calories. A Yorkshire terrier puppy requires 400 calories because of healthy growth. The food must divide into 4 meals for puppy and 3 meals for an adult.

Yorkshire Terrier with Children and Other Pets

Yorkie is not a children dog although he is one of the most popular toy dogs. If there are young children in the house they should know how to interact with this small dog and they should be aware of when to leave the dog. You should reprimand your Yorkie if he snaps or growls at the children. Yorkie are very playful and like to cuddle a lot if you have older children who understand how to handle the dog, it will make a good companion for you. You can also let them groom the dog like daily brushing, that will create a bond between them.